What We’re All About
Help nurture your children’s education and learning process with Parents Homework in East Lansing, Michigan. Parental tutoring and parental mentoring will benefit both you and your children.
It is my belief that there are many parents who do not know how to help their children in school. This product will help parents to learn more about the topics taught to their kids.
I also believe that parents can be taught and trained to understand the full benefit of an education for their children.
They can be made more aware of educational services that are available for their children.
As parents learn from these teachings, they can be made to understand the benefits of attending PTO meetings and other organizations that are connected to the school and education systems their children are exposed to.
My goal is to offer a series of informational programs to educate you, make you more aware, and give you networking and resources for your children who are attending school. Contact me to learn more about parent-based education in East Lansing, Michigan.